At Uzima Africa we want to see boys and girls become what God want them to become and so help them become great blessing to the society and our communities. We do a lot of training for girls alone and boys alone and again teach them together. Behavior Change Process and Sexual Integrity Programs are our main teaching. This helps them to avoid unplanned pregnancy at very young age and help them avoiding STI /STD or having to be parents at early age.

. ( More pictures on this to come).


Abortion Prevention Training Progress

Uzima Africa is on board with helping give a proper awareness on issues concerning abortion. To accomplish the task of educating youth, Uzima works hard to encourage boys and girls by teaching them how to have good prevention measures to insure that they don’t have a reason to have abortions. This picture captures young men who made vows after going through the training on Sanctity Of Human life in one of our nearby schools. We thank God because the approach was well taken and also the response was very good. They vowed to keep themselves pure from having sex before marriage after realizing that true love waits.

U-Heal: Women in Crisis

Ministering to women in need comes in many different forms, through our radio program many women find us in search of healing.  Uzima’s U-Heal Ministry is involved with more than just pro-life counseling. For example, recently a women came to us in search of help with her marriage. U-Heal’s objective is to reach women in need and by that we have been able to help many women. The work of U-Heal ministry in this women’s life has produced many good fruits and she is continuing down a path of healing.

Abortion Prevention Campaigns

Care Giver Training

Every month we teach different groups of caregivers: pastors, parents, and teachers dealing with youth. The purpose for the training provided is to inform caregivers on what is happening in the schools and younger generation on the issue of abortion. We want to impart them with the awareness to help youth to make the right choice. We show them the importance of teaching their children how to protect themselves from taking actions that ruin lives. These training sessions occur once a month and each is specifically designed for different groups of people and their influence in youth’s lives. Be looking for an update for the next session.

Youth Camps

The youth camps that Uzima provides are based on the importance of preventing children from getting into a situation that will lead to abortion. The steps taken throughout the youth camps provided show youth how precious life is. We believe that by giving an understanding of how precious life young men and women will forever be changed. Planting seeds that encourage a love that waits will decrease the number of teenage pregnancy and hopefully lead to a decrease in abortions done.

This December Uzima is doing their annual youth camp on Advocating for Life through Behavior and Attitude Change Process. Uzima will be in collaboration with pastors and bishops in the Moshi region that have agreed to support the efforts of the Uzima group to encourage and teach the children. Topics covered in these camps included: sexual & reproductive health, attitude change, sexual integrity programs, and HIV/AIDS. In addition to the topics taught children will be encouraged in an healthy atmosphere with games and enjoyment.  To accomplish everything that we intend to provide for these youth we are in need of support, there will be a link for an easy way to donate to the cause of the importance of Sanctity of Life.


U-Heal Progress

We are very grateful to God for what He is doing through our Clinic on Inner Healing. We have been able to help and rescue the lives of many young and old women who were in distressed and wounded at heart through this department. As you can see here since November last year to September this year we have had many women coming to our center for healing. We thank and Glorify God for this.

Uzima Africa Director Health Update

Thanks for the prayers for continual well-being. We are pleased to inform everyone that Josephine Glorious is doing well. Thankfully her immune system has grown stronger than before and  she is feeling great. Uzima office wanted to take this opportunity to  thank everyone who prayed for Josephine and supported her financially during her time of recovery. Thank you all and May God Keep and bless you!!

Greenhouse Success

Thanks to the support of the Uzima ministry work the Greenhouse Project has been a great success.

The help that we have received has created a greenhouse that has thrived and produced a beautiful collection of vegetables. Thanks to the support from Uzima friends the greenhouse is contiuning to run very well. In addition to the vegetables produced and used at the house, the money raised from the greenhouse project has helped buy lunch boxes for the Uzima office workers on daily basis.

Here are some updated photos of of the greenhouse project.

Double Blessing

Through the work of the Shifra women in the village, twins’ lives were saved.

This fifteen-year-old girl was secretly carrying the lives of twin boys when the Shifra women found out she wanted to have an abortion. The man who impregnated her by rape abandoned the girl and didn’t want anything to do with the pregnancy. The Shifra Women Rescue Committee found this girl and spoke to her to encourage her to save the lives of her unborn children. She agreed to keep the babies and now the babies are safely being taken care of by their grandmother. This coming January the girl has a desire to go back to school to continue her education; however, she needs support to accomplish this. If there is a burden on your heart to give to her schooling fund there will be a link on the page as a way to send support. We thank God for both parents who have been committed to helping their daughter raise her two baby boys and with the support of others she will be able to go to school while her parents watch after her children.

Uzima director with twin boys at 3 months.
Uzima Director and Fifteen year old mom with adorable twin boys.


After the twins were saved from abortion we were informed with news that one of the twins had a tumor on his left side near his kidney. He was not doing well for his first three months on earth; however, after coming for prayer at Uzima Center (Options Pregnancy Clinic of Tanzania) and receiving prayers and anointing the tumor was removed. Once the little boy went to the doctors for a check up after prayer the tumor was gone and no where to be found!  Praise the Lord!

Prayer for little boy who had a tumor.
Uzima Director and twin boy.

The Big Move. Yes We Are Alive!

IMG_0161 IMG_0150 (1)

As most of you know Uzima has not updated information on this blog site in a long time; however, we are back and ready to update everyone on everything that has happened. Due to our director’s struggle with the fight for cancer we have had trouble keeping things up to date. By the grace of God she is doing better and we are getting back on track. First off, we are proud to say that we have moved to a new location and God has blessed us with a beautiful home! We are excited to see what the Lord does in the coming years here and can’t wait for the opportunity to continue to do the work of Uzima in this new home.